evergreen4Evergreen promised a relaxing Sunday afternoon to recharge our batteries before a new week begins, even amidst the fervid activity of the many toddlers around she exceeded our expectations. She plays the Celtic Harp wonderfully and the performance she gave on March 4th, 2007 at the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, playing songs of her own, of local composer and classic Celtic songs was a delicate music, a reminiscence of meadows and forests, the sea and distant exotic places. On every song Evergreen had a story about the author, the sentiments that inspired her to write the music, or some anecdotes that came with them.Now imagine Evergreen on a bus, in Ireland, carrying her Harp into a pub and getting some advice there about the songs she should play to become a real Celtic Harp player!! Thanks Evergreen, you gave us a wonderful afternoon, Franco





My Music

My music is inspired by the experiences of my life, especially my connection to the natural world.  My family and animals also have gotten the creative juices going.  When I began playing, I had no preconceived notions about where that playing would take me, except that it would bring me pleasure.  When it began to bring pleasure to others that heard me, it felt like a gift to me.  When I realized that if I played for others from my heart, then that was a gift to them....well, things began to happen then.  I was asked to play at a museum opening, then a wedding, then more weddings, etc.  I have played at over 100 weddings now, and so many more events I can't even list.  I have played in homes, churches, by lakes, on boats, in forests, by campfires, on the street in Burlington and Killarney, Ireland, under a full moon in a bowl of mountains in Mexico.....and more places than that. I met my birth mother for the first time when I was in my fifties, and when she died two years after I met her, I played harp at her funeral.
An important part of my playing has been as a harp practitioner in hospital and hospice work.  Being with families and caregivers when loved ones are transitioning is a very profound experience, and one I take seriously.  I studied in San Diego and Vermont as part of the International Harp Therapy Program, which was actually started by my original teacher and mentor (and friend), Tina Tourin.

On the Professional Side


I have a CD called ''Heart's Longing" that I made years ago at a very good recording studio in Charlotte.  I never promoted it very much, but it is for sale at Barnes and Noble and used to be at Duchess Tea Room (they played it all the time) and the Book Rack, both of which are no longer in business. I also sell it out of my home, of course.  I have to admit I am pretty proud of the CD, as most of the songs on it are my own composition, and I felt like the studio really captured the sound of my harp. Occasionally, I even listen to it for pleasure (when I don't have my critical ear turned on).

Even though I do not consider myself a professional teacher, I can get people started with hand positions, and then send them on if they are interested.

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