When my late husband and I bought our 5-acre hilltop in Underhill Center in 1989, it was covered in woods and brambles. Two years later, we had cleared the land and built a house designed by architect Peter Morris to take full advantage of the glorious views. A huge vegetable garden (now a mass of wildflowers) fed us all year. 23 years later, the vegetable garden is much smaller, and flower gardens have been created in spots where they can be enjoyed up close or from the house. Jennifer Kennedy, a gifted gardener with an artist's eye, helps me maintain them. I enjoy both the challenge of design – structure, color, contrast – and the sensual pleasure of handling the plants and flowers and soil. And, of course, there is the great pleasure of sitting in an Adirondack chair with a glass of wine, surrounded by flowers,enjoying the fruits of my labor!

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