The Future of the Flats group has not been active recently but all those who care about the future of the Flats are encouraged to participate in the Master Planning project or "Planapalooza" organized by the Town of Jericho in October 2013.  

Between the opening and final meetings on Thursday 10/17 - Monday 10/21, a team of designers will set up an open studio at the Jericho town offices.  You can drop in during their open hours to observe, ask questions and offer comments and concerns.  Be sure to check it out!

Copy of October 4, 2013 email invitation -  Finish Line: FLATS - Master Planning and Form Based Code project   

Dear Riverside/Underhill Flats friends and neighbors:

Just wanted to send you all a quick email updating you on the status of the Finish Line: FLATS  Master Planning and Form-Based Codes project. 

Over the next several months, the Town of Jericho and our consultant, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative (TPUDC), will be working with local residents and stakeholders to create the last and final Master Plan for the FLATS.  This project will involve an intensive 5-day public participation process (Planapalooza) where all members of the community work together with a multidisciplinary consulting team of planners and zoning experts, to define a collective vision for the future and generate a master plan that will be presented at the 10/21 closing session.  This master plan will be used to develop a customized form-based zoning code for the Jericho portion of the Riverside/Underhill Flats Village Center, which will guide our growth for the future.  Please attend the opening session on 10/17 for more information about form-based codes and what they can do!  We are soliciting the participation of Underhill residents.  However, no coding/zoning work will be performed in the Town of Underhill.  

A final schedule is attached for your reference.  In addition to attending any/all of the three scheduled public meetings, I hope you will find a time to stop by the Jericho Town Hall during the Open Studio (see schedule, in blue) for some old-fashioned face-to-face time with our friendly and talented Consultants!  

For those of you who have served on committees conducting planning efforts in this area in the past (2005 community discussions, “Two Towns/One Village” 2006, “Take Charge/Recharge” 2010, AARP Active Living Workshop 2011, Future of the Flats committee, Safe Routes to Schools initiatives, etc.), I want to express appreciation for all the hard work conducted so far: we wouldn’t be here without you.  Our Consultant has every intention of incorporating the work completed in the past, into the present vision.  I was pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with several of you at Harvest Market, and I encourage any of you to drop a line or give a ring at any time if you have questions/feedback about this project. 

You can also visit us on Faceboook:

Thanks, and hope to see you all soon!

Jennifer Murray

Town of Jericho Planning and Development Coordinator

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899-2287 x 104



Past studies

Past studies and activities involving the Flats are documented on the websites of both towns.

AARP Active Living Workshop: Here is the link to a page on the Jericho town website that gives the link to the actual report. The size of the file is 15 MB. It was published 1-23-2012.

The Town of Underhill website (under "Selected Planning Reports") provides the following:

  • Environmental Assessment for the Village of Underhill Flats/Riverside - Stone Environmental, Inc - October 2005
  • Route 15 Sidewalk Feasibility Study - CCMPO/Donald Hamline Consulting Engineers - July 2007
  • Jericho-Underhill Activing Living Workshop Application - July 2011 ( Read this report! No wonder our towns got the AARP grant; Jan de Vries)

The following documents are located on the Town of Jericho Website:

  • Design Workshops (Charettes) - sketches and outlines from the community design workshop in 2006
  • Information and map about the 2010 Village Center Designation for the Flats
  • Presentations from the TAKE CHARGE-RECHARGE community forums in the winter of 2010
  • Summaries from the WALK AND TALKs that took place the summer of 2010
  • Reports for the Dickensen Street re-design from early 2011.





#1 Kelly King 2013-09-17 16:47
Hi Folks, I've been involved in a number of the events over the years looking at the future of the flats. I am planning on going to the Jericho Planning Commission board tonight to hear the new consultant do their kick off for the board for this fall's (2013) planning event.

Go to the Jericho Town site to see the RFP (request for proposal) outlining what they wanted the consultant to do. I am planning on getting involved in the October planning workshops, so wanted to hear what they had to say tonight (Sept 17 7pm Jericho town hall)

It sounds like they are really going to work on including the past studies. I know some folks feel like it has been studied to death, but I think I get a clearer picture of what folks in the community are hoping for. And I think this time they are using the consultant to pull it all together and make something "actionalable" - Looking forward to connecting with folks over this topic once again.
I don't think tonight's meeting is anything that "everyone" needs to go to , it is more a presentation to the Jericho board by the consultant.
FYI If I understand it correctly, the Consultant is being paid 1/2 by a grant and 1/2 with town planning money.

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