Meets monthly on the third Saturday through September, 9 till noon at Moore Park across from the Underhill Town Hall.

We have added a couple of new vendors and our spirits are high! Breakfast sandwiches, burgers, eggs and grass fed beef from Westall Farm, Mary Hill's artwork for joyful people, Hearth artisan breads, Beth's rum cakes and maple rolls, possibly homemade bagels with all the fixin's. Returning are Craig Walker, Nama Farm and Growing Possibilities Farm as well as savory tarts from Slowfire and coffee to benefit the UCS Garden, music by Gryphon and ... what are you waiting for anyhow? Come on down and celebrate our great town and have breakfast with your neighbors to boot!

Our Mission Statement: To further develop a sense of local community and agricultural awareness in “downtown” Underhill Center; to provide a summer outdoor meeting place, walkable for many; fundraising support for the UCS Garden; and an opportunity for local micro-farmers to share their produce/products.
Interested in being a part of this? Call 899-1830 or FB and we'll talk more about it.

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