Welcome to Mills Riverside Park.

Mills Riverside Park was created for the purpose of land conservation and outdoor recreation for the community. It is a critical wildlife habitat for black bear, moose, and bobcat, and is protected by a conservation easement.


Mount Mansfield at Sunset -Photo contribution by Patrick Buffet (Focal Point Photo Group)

A stunning view of Mt. Mansfield forms the background of Mills Riverside Park. This scenic vista is preceded by broad open meadow and is sharply defined by forested South Hill. The property consists of 216 acres of land with the majority in Jericho. The Browns River forms a natural boundary on the north side of the property. A covered bridge spans the river and helps create the entrance. A natural spring fed pond is centrally located in the meadow area. Park terrain begins as gentle to moderately sloping and graduates to steep and ledgy as it continues up South Hill.

A trail network allows access to the hilly wooded section of the Park. Several looping trails make up this 6 mile network. Directly adjacent to Mills Riverside Park are two large community schools and a public library. As a result, this property is ideally located as a community resource for recreation, education and wildlife viewing.

Trail next to Rte 15 - Photo contribution by Jackie Smith (Focal Point Photo Group)


The access road to the Park is directly connected to VT Rt 15, going North is just before the intersection to Underhill Center and before Rt 15 takes a left bend to enter Underhill Village. You will see the Park sign and two stone pillars at the entrance.

At the end of the entrance road you will reach the parking lot, please be respectfull of the environment and park on the dedicated spaces.

During the major events a team of volunteers will help in parking your car.


Find a trail map, photos and more at Mills Riverside Park current web site


The park is open from dawn to dusk. Please park vehicles in the parking area on the right before the covered bridge. No motor vehicles are allowed within the park. The following rules are posted for all to follow:

  • Trash - carry in, carry out
  • Dogs - welcome, on leash only with exception of posted off-leash area
  • No Hunting, trapping or firearms
  • No fires except by special permit
  • No camping except by special permit
  • Remain on designated trails.


The Jericho Underhill Land Trust (JULT) purchased the land now known as Mills Riverside Park on July 14th, 1999 through a grant writing and fundraising effort. February 24, 2000, ownership of the park was transferred to the Jericho Underhill Park District. The two-town district was formed for the purpose of owning and operating the park. An agreement with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board resulted in a conservation easement being developed for the Park to protect it for future generations.


The Jericho Underhill Park District (JUPD) owns, operates and manages the park. The JUPD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven community members from Jericho and Underhill responsible for making decisions for the Park. These decisions reflect community input along with the permitted uses and restriction within the conservation easement. The Park is funded from a combination of town taxes for operations and fundraising for development efforts.


For more information, please feel free to contact: Jericho Underhill Park District PO Box 164 Underhill, VT 05489 Telephone: 802-899-2693
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