Community Agricultural Project The Community Agricultural Project, CAP, headquartered in Underhill Center, is a community-based citizen group who wish to strengthen the local food system.  This Project is part of a growing movement throughout Vermont.The Project's goals are to directly support existing farm producers and to inspire new ideas that bring people together for the purposes of celebrating the rich diversity of farming life in Vermont, the maintenance of our working landscapes, and the health of a local food system.The Project seeks to include senior citizens who knew this  kind of food system not too long ago, gardeners, professional/amateur growers (vegetable,fruit,grain, meat, eggs, maple syrup, forest products, flowers, honey) and like minded folk ready to roll up their sleeves. Mission statement The Community Agricultural Project, CAP, is a Jericho/Underhill community based movement that seeks to bring together gardeners, farmers, professional growers and anyone interested in celebrating the rich diversity of farming life in Vermont. CAP works to support all of local agriculture by offering workshops and fun pot luck gatherings. Everyone is welcome to participate, roll up their sleeves, and contribute however they wish. CAP Projects Tools You Can Borrow Labor You can Use CAP Classes and Workshops You Can Attend  Find Local Food and Farmers CAP Knowledge base SEEKING VOLUNTEERS TO TEACH TOPICS OF INTEREST! Contact Andrea here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Entrepreneurs of cooperation; an old idea revisited CAP page on Facebook CAP Facebook group CAP calendar

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