Madonna Vasa ski trail

The Madonna Vasa ski trail is a historical XC ski trail that runs between Underhill Center and Smugglers Notch, nearly the entire length of Mt Mansfield's western side. The trail can be accessed from several roads: Mountain Road, Harvey Road, Corbett Road, Andrews Road, and the Upper Parking lot at Smugglers Notch Resort. The trail is marked with red diamonds through its entire length.

McClellan Farm

At McClellan Farm Road is often an inch more snow than at Route 15. Right on Poker Hill Road, right on English Setllement Road, right on McClellan Farm Road. Park on a small clearing on the right at the first field. The area is gently sloping and one can not get lost; going up always leads to McClellan Farm Road.  Follow the tracks in westerly direction through the woods to other open fields.
Jan de Vries 2/2013

The trails decribed on the page "Walking" can of course also be used for X-skiing.


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