The pond in Mills Riverside Park and the pond by the tennis courts in Underhill Center are good for ice hockey, figure skating and for learning to skate.

Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex is beautiful and shielded in the woods; wonderful for an hour of skating. When you want more space, try Colchester Pond, Shelburne Pond, Lake Carmi and finally Lake Champlain. On this dedicated Email list you can often find up-to-date information about ice conditions.

  • For a few days in February 2009 one could skate acrosss Lake Champlain from Burlington to the NY side.
  • In 2010 one could skate for six weeks on the Inland Sea along the Milton coast up to St. Albans and across to North Hero .

Nordic skating combines the ease of downhill skiing with the freedom of cross-country skiing. Give it a try.

Equipment can be bought at Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington sells nordic skates.

If you know other outlets, please let admin@twotownsonline know.

      @ Indian Brook Reservoir


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