Pond at Stevensville Road in Underhill

The pond by the tennis courts at Stevensville Road offers all ages a nice place to swim. Toddlers can play on the 'beach' and in the undeep part. The bottom is sandy all over. The pond is fed by a detour of Browns River which refreshes the water continually. The circulation is limited by an exhaust pipe which implies that after a prolonged heat wave the water can get rather warm.

Swimming hole under the bridge over Browns River in Cilley Hill Road

Right under the bridge over Browns River in Cilley Hill Road, just behind the dam, is a swimming hole. Just before the bridge, on the right (coming from Route 15) is sort of a parking place for one car.

Swimming hole in Browns River in Old Red Mill park

Park you car behind the Red Mill. A quarter mile path along the brook leads to pretty spectacular (okay, it is not the Grand Canyon)  boulders. It is more a place to hang out and get your feet wet than to swim.

Swimming holes in Vermont

Map and list of swimming holes all over Vermont

Other spots?

If you know other swimming holes in our area, let us know.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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