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Underhill Circle Trip

25 Mile Loop - . Follow SR 15 North to Cambridge before turning South onto the Pleasant Valley Road to Underhill Center where it turns right onto River Road and returns to the starting point. Offering excellent views of Mt. Mansfield and country scenery. Rating: difficult.

New Road, Pleasant Valley Road

To take a trip half as long as the one described above with the same scenery, start at the little parking lot by the dump on New Road in Underhill. Follow New Road, turn right on Irish Settlement Road, right again on Pleasant Valley Road, back to the point of departure at New Road.
There are only a few houses on either end of New Road and no car will use this as a connecting road. Don't let the big puddles in the beginning put you off. Just make sure to keep pedalling; if you fall you will be soaked.  Actually, the puddles are easier to traverse by bike then on foot. About halfway New Road you cannot miss a big board with a very unfriendly text. It made me think of the film "The Deliverance". Don't despair; soon you'll see the friendly sign of a sugaring operation and you will be back in civilization.
The North bound stretch is rather level; only once did I have to get off my three gears bike and walk. On the way back to Underhill Center I had to walk much more. All the invested energy is wasted in the end when you have to brake heavily before turning right into New Road. It took us an-hour-and-a-half.
11-1-2009 Jan de Vries

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Local Motion trail finder

Fellowship of the Wheels provides maps describing trails in our area; Mobb's Farm,  Saxon Hill and others. Exact trail maps are only available to members, but access information is public.

Saxon Hill map on Local motion site

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