• The hillside in Mills Riverside park past the pavillion.
  • With a steerable sled, try the park trails uphill. Here is a video
  • Casey's Hill is 1/4 mile past the Underhill Center schools on Pleasant Valley Road on the right coming from the South
  • At Mt Mansfield High School head out to the playing field; a great place for large groups.

    Further away

  • With a steerable sled, consider Smugglers Notch Road.
    Park on either side where the road is closed. About a mile hike to the top. Best sledding is on the Stowe side. Video
  • The very best place is either side of Lincoln Gap: Lincoln Gap 1    Lincoln gap 2
  • Mount Philo 1   Mount Philo 2 


  • Sledding of a roof

 The videos were made by Tony T. with a camera mounted on his helmet

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